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Friendly greetings. Easy steps that quickly lead to adventure. A clean and safe environment for kids to explore. These are the things that matter to the team at Wiggle Giggle.

team Leader

Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring that team members (associates) have everything they need to provide excellent customer service. In addition to executing the responsibilities team members have during peak hours (such as facilitating the check-in process and managing registrations), Team Leaders are responsible for intaking customer feedback/inquiries, monitoring the floor to identify potential risks and opportunities to problem solve. Team Leaders are keyholders, who manage either store opening or closing duties, depending on their shift, and govern all policies and procedures necessary to operate a safe and fun environment.

Team Members are often the first face a family sees when they walk through the door of Wiggle Giggle. They are responsible for the check-in processes so that families can begin their adventure at our playtorium. In addition to facilitating registration, waivers, and payments for entry, Team Members also manage the concession counter. Ultimately, Team Members perform any task that ensures families are able to enjoy a safe and fun experience at Wiggle Giggle.

team member

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