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Balloon Decor

Provided by Peach X Moxie

Number Sale

For a limited time, purchase two balloon columns and we'll include a 4-foot LED marquee number for free! 

*Numbers 1-5 available, only.

Pink, Orange, and Yellow Colorful Blocks Beauty Retail Website (2).png


4 colors included

Basic $20

Luxe $37

Mini Clusters

Two 3ft mini clusters on corners of pole stands

Up to 3 colors included

1 set for $35 

2 sets for $65

4 sets for $130

Mini Clusters.jpeg
Balloon Columns.jpeg

Balloon Column

One 6.5ft column $100

Two 6.5ft columns $180

One mylar themed topper column $110

Two mylar themed topper columns $195

Balloon Garland
on Banner

12-14ft garland split in half to cover each side of the banner $330

4 colors included


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